Played by Richie Hawtin



Played by DJ Hell



Played by: Eric Morillo


Laurent Garnier - realy like track 1 , very trippppy indeed. would love to play that. Would love the 320's


Len Faki - support for stompin



Popof - i like the 2 tracks of felix bernhardt !can you send me the 320mp3 please



George Morel  - Loving it. Will play it till it burns the CD player.



Dubfire - Could you send over the 320s for "the litlle jailhorse mysterium" please?



Secret Cinema (cocoon) - Strait Up will work just fine!



Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode) - total bombs here!!



Stephan Bodzin (herzblut) - strong tracks for the dark moments



Blake Baxter - Bumpin sounds good DJ tools for the euro dance floor


Thomas Schumacher - ja schickt mir doch mal bitte links zu "the little jailhorse mysterium"!

Davide Squillace -good job on this

Someone Else - freakmachine is interesting. i might want to play this.

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe) - MAN! That Bernhardt mix of Jailhouse is wicked!! A+


Bloody Mary - thx for the email, like the Ep


Someone Else - i really like track 4. i will play this track!


Oliver Ho aka Raudive - Nice 001 of Hardshower! Good startup. Winner is Orginal "Little Horse"! Nice Chicago Sounds in there...



Drumcell - i like the original of little horse .. i ll play this in my sets ..the whole EP is good but that one track stands out to me


Stanny Franssen - Like both mixes a lot. Nice tracks!


Jaumëtic (Regular/Playmobil/Harthouse): I love Freakmaschine e.p! full support ! 8/10


Hakan Libdo (Get Physical) - superb. the freakmachine track is the best but both are fantastic. madly dark soulfully freaky... i like!


Bloody Mary (Einmaleins) - like it. send it ti me ;)


Björn Scheurmann (Fassade Records / Paso Music) - Nice Tune. Full Support.


Paul Mendez (Hed Kandi) - awesome dirty track fit for my sets.


Ziel 100 - gut. electro techno. das gefällt mir...

Andrey Zots (Afu, Chin Chill) - I like the darker feeling of Freakmaschine...


CLICK | CLICK (KASSETTE Records) - Freakmaschine for me!


Jorge Ciccioli (Dekadent) - A1: lovely this piece of dark techno!


Andre Kronert (Session Deluxe, Ostwind Records) - I like the freakmachine…it’s a nice trippy and freaky tune for my peaks. I love the touch of funk in it… Nice one. Will play and support for sure.


Gennaro Mastrantonio (Italobusiness) - I love it....Freackmaschine is a super BOMB!!!! ;)


Dominic Depont (Karate Musik) - Stompin is a freaky track! High energy!


Esspapier (Kaufe Musik) - Sehr geiler deeper Techno. Beide Tracks sind gut, aber Stompin gefällt mir noch ein Tick besser wie Freakmaschine.


Christopher Çolak aka Christereo (94.9FM Acik Radio, Dinamo 103.8 FM / Istanbul) - machinery techno real german sound there...


Chuck Bleu (Prosthetic Pressings, Ferox Rec, GrooveSource) - Oh very nice release. I was just asked to put together a new dj mix for a Japanese weblog called Electronic Directory to celebrate their 2 year anniversary and I will definitely be including Freakmaschine. Both tracks are excellent!


David Phillips (Global Ritmico, Majestic Sounds) - Wow, Freakmaschine is really cool. deep dark dirty. like it. track 2 not mine. 7/10


Dennis Sebayan aka DJ Dennis NYC - Whoa this is some sinister stuff! I would like to try out Stompin to give the people the rolls! Very dark but good use of bass!


DeMarkus Lewis - Super dark and dirty tekno biz right here.. I need to go take a 'Hard Shower' after listening to this!!! Proper!! Nice job


Eddie Leventer (kupselectronic) - I have never heard of Sebastian Groth before, but the two tracks I heard were very cool. I especially liked "Freakmaschine." They will fit in nicely with the set I am planning for my first show. We begin broadcasting on the 4th.  I will put this release up onto rotation. cool.


DJ Gill (Different Grooves On Air – Radio) - will play freakmachine


RIYAZ KHAN (DIVERSIONS on CHRY FM / Toronto) - Two dark & hard driving hypnotic groovers - will play the heck out of these - STOMPIN' is my fave


DJ Rob Warner (Our House Magazine / New Zealand) - I really like the 'Freakmaschine' tune. Def the sort of dark, dubby stuff I play out a lot.


Walter Douglas (KUCR) - hardshower of dark NRG pouring down the spine ... thanks ,,, this (and what u have sent in the past) is some of the best stuff (in my twizted opinion) we are receiving from around the world !


DJ NOVA (Nocturnal Resident, Miami) - I like 1 sample better than the second....although both have unique qualities which are always welcome in techno sets: defenitely an artist to keep an eye on!


Kiko Martinez ( - Nice rhythm and great high sounds. I like very much Freakmaschine.


Chris Sonaxx - Technoschieber. Na wenn das mal kein Hardshower ist … Stompin: Alles in allem ne gute Nummer.


Angel Alanis - I really Love this!!! My Favorite is Jail House!! Please send 320s/


DJ Hyperactive - Good ep. Like it a lot. First track is very interesting and original sounding! Trippy mix and efx. Real good. 320s please!


Brian Ffar (Siteholder Rec) - Thanks for sending. I'm not really into this whole release, but the remix of Jailhouse has a nice groove to it.


Lady Foursquare (Klientele, Noise Floor Crew) - Trippy and cool! Will test on the road


Hakan Lidbo (Pokerflat, Stockholm) - thanks, a nice and classy EP, i will play this, especially the jailhouse original track, sublime!


Andre Kronert (Session Deluxe, Ostwind Rec) - I dig all tunes on this release but I prefer the jailhouse original. Great moody work. I will play and support for sure!


Gennaro Mastrantonio (Der Hut) - wow thanks for the promo... i love Felix Bernhardt remix...


Sascha Krohn - Little Horse kick asses!!!! Full support


Pablo Rez - like so much felix b. remix


Mandy Jordan - Jailhouse is hot, i like the original mix...will play it for sure.


Luca Morris (Microdinamic, Polar Noise) - very cool project...please send me the 320 ;)


Andrey Zots - Conserning this EP: Yeah, I like original Little Horse - nice darker tune!


Nicolas Duvoisin (Siteholder) - i will play the Sebastian Groth / jailhouse / Felix Bernhardt Rmx


CLICK | CLICK (KASSETTE Records/ Berlin) - Felix Bernhardt Remix for me!


DJ FEX - i'm into JailHouse remx


Joshua Collins - I like original mix of LITTLE HORSE the best!


Meri (ROTD) - very good release, proper deepness with great underground edge.. my kind of stuff really :)


Oscar Vázquez (Funkdamental Electric / Spain) - Excelent ep i like Little horse (original mix) "excelent vocals" & jailhouse (Felix bernhardt rmx)


Trent Cantrelle - Very nice! support on all 4 mixes.. excellent stuff!


DJ Rob Warner (OurHouseMagazine) - I quite like the original of 'Little Horse'... Mental track indeed. Loving the Felix Bernhardt remix of 'Jailhouse' too. Quality stuff.




Nihil Young (Paradigma, Frequenza) - the track here is Jailhouse (Bernhardt RMX).


Mark S. Krüx (URB Magazine) - Awesome! Little horse is fucking bad ass! Looking forward to listening in high quality....